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MP3 vs M4A

MP3 and M4A are both methods of compression/encoding used to store audio. Without getting into too much technical detail, suffice it to say that you will probably not be able to hear the difference between an MP3 version of a song and an M4A version of the song if both are encoded at 192kbps or higher. If you are not sure which version you want to download, you should probably go with MP3. Many modern portable media players (e.g. iPod, Zune, Zen) are capable of playing both MP3 and M4A files. In general, M4A can give you a slightly smaller file size at the same bitrate as an MP3.

"No/Why/New York" (Vocal + Dub)
MP3 | M4A

Album art for "Knot In Your Stomach"

"Knot In Your Stomach" (released under the "Flight 19" alias)
MP3 | M4A

Album art for "Night Shade"

"Night Shade (Bootleg Mix)"
MP3 | M4A

Album art for "Out Of The Blue"

"Out Of The Blue (Dylan Anglada Bootleg Remix)" REMASTERED VERSION
MP3 | M4A

Album art for "Centralia"

"Centralia" (released under the "Star Tiger" alias)
MP3 | M4A

Album art for "Decadence"

MP3 | M4A

Album art for "Pursuit"

MP3 | M4A

Album art for "Rainwood"

[Trance Electronica|2008|3:03]
MP3 | M4A

Album art for "Ask The Flute"

"Ask The Flute"
[Tribal Electronica|2007|2:25]
MP3 | M4A

Album art for "Iguana"

"Iguana" (released under the "Tainted Helix" pseudonym)
[New Wave-Experimental-Electronica|2007|4:00]

Album art for "Mitosis"

"Mitosis" (released under the "Tainted Helix" pseudonym)
[New Wave-Experimental-Electronica|2006|2:59]

Album art for "The Drop-off"

"The Drop-off" (released under the "Tainted Helix" pseudonym)
[Alternative Rock-Electronica|2004|4:13]


Brick 'n' Brack
Here are a couple samples that I've quickly cobbled together. All of them are in 16-bit/44100Hz/WAV format, some in mono, others in stereo. The license for the usage of the included samples is included in the download.

Brick 'n' Brack (5.25 MB/Last updated 4-18-09)

This is a collection of some samples and loops that I've created over the years. I've decided to share them with everyone. All of the samples are in 16-bit/44100Hz/WAV format. Some samples are in the mono, while others are in stereo. To speed up download time, and to conserve bandwidth, the pack has been compressed into a ZIP file. The license for the sample pack is included in the download.

dSamples (13.4 MB/Last updated 9-27-08)


These are presets that I've created for various plugins.

Vanguard Presets Vol. 1 (.fxp format)


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