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interview with hanin elias

Hanin Elias is perhaps best known as one of the founding members of the seminal "digital hardcore" band Atari Teenage Riot. However, she is also a prolific solo artist who has created her own style that continues to evolve.

This interview was conducted via Facebook, and I have preserved Hanin's original words. The only things that I have changed are the formatting and some of the spelling.

DA: When did you first become involved in music?
HE: I first got involved with music when i was born, my dad is Syrian and he loves bellydancing rhythms, i experimented with tapeplayers and scratched with worn out walkman when i was 11 and recorded my first songs on tape. When i ran away with 15 i sang in the underground to earn some coins.My first Band i formed with 15, it was psychedelic pop noise and my first band was called Aluminia.

DA: Are you a professionally trained vocalist? Do you play any instruments, e.g. guitar?
HE: I never learned how to sing properly or how to play an instrument.

DA: Do you produce music, or are you exclusively a performer? Why has your musical style changed so much since your last album?
HE: I produce my own music but i prefer if it is an exchange between people so i like to work with friends. Since i live on a small isolated island i started to work on music all by myself but i get bored soon.I'm not into the whole nerd technique stuff :)I write my own songs and lyrics and develop melodies and rhythms, but i prefer to explain how i want the song to someone with the right technical skills.

DA: What kind of music do you listen to? Who are some of your favorite artists?
HE: I listen to all kinds of Music like Kings of Leon, Blondie, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Trisomie 21,Metal,Pop, Classic, R&B,Noise, my favorite artists change all the time.

DA: Why do you compose your songs in English, not Arabic or German?
HE: i cant speak any more Arabic, i spoke it when i was in kindergarten but when we came to Germany i didn't wanna talk it anymore..so i forgot.My favorite songs where in English and i think the English language is perfect to write songs, i just did a french song but German i used only in a song called Slaves where i just used two words "Monoton Gesichtsausdruck!" (NOTE: This translates roughly to "monotonous expression".)

DA: What is your favorite country you have toured?
HE: The favorite country i toured was the U.S and Japan.

At this point I shifted the questions away from music and more to politics.

DA: You have made it clear in your lyrics that police are not exactly your favorite people. Do.you believe that all police are really mindless pigs? What about those who save people's lives or arrest dangerous criminals?
HE: I have nothing against policemen except when they take orders against their own people without questioning it. I used to be in an anarchist band where we let out our Rage against politics and politics of interest but i'm no Teenager anymore so i also changed my musical style that was always widely ranged and open. At the moment i feel more emotional and not as cold and distanced maybe because i live in the Pacific now.

DA: Do you believe that any government ever honestly tries to help its people?
HE: I think the government tries to keep things in order by making a total humanitarian mess by being so bureaucratic and competitive and the worst is that modern ways of alternative energy are not used to avoid pollution.I don't see myself as a messiah of telling people what to do and who to hate and who is to blame. I think that we should be concerned but not force our opinion on others. uture rules even if we think that we are so clever ;)

DA: What is the government like where you live now?
HE: The government were i live now is corrupt but i don't care, i try to live the best i can and help the people around me.