Dylan Anglada Music




Alec Empire - Producer, remixer, and pioneer of the "digital hardcore" sound.

Aura Qualic - Producer from Japan.

BT - Diverse producer and performer.

Ferry Corsten - Prolific trance/electro producer from the Netherlands.

Hanin Elias - Former of Atari Teenage Riot, has gone on to create a succesful solo career for herself.


Atari Teenage Riot - The original "digital hardcore" band!


Digital Hardcore Recordings - I can't find the words to explain the type of music this label puts out.

Indytronic - Independent record label. Sadly no longer active.


Cheryl's Whorehole.org - Disgustingly delicious, or deliciously disgusting. It depends on how you look at it.

Church Of Debra - Rarely updated, but wonderfully bizarre and worth listening to when it is.

Distorted View - Internet weirdness and more. It's a little hard to explain, so just listen to it.

Lady Raptastic - Strong, black, female podcaster who rarely updates her damn website or releases new shows. Never mind; she is releasing new shows now! Nope; she stopped again.

The Progrum with Wanda Wisdom - Podcasting drag queen.

Yeast Radio - Bloated lesbian with food allergies.



Audacity - Free open-source audio editing program.

Exact Audio Copy - Program for super-accurate ripping of audio CDs.

FL Studio - My weapon of choice for music production.

foobar2000 - Nice audio player; low-resource usage and full of features.


Media Coder - Audio/video transcoder.

Mp3tag - Very useful utility for tagging media files.


Mozilla Firefox - Browser of choice.

Skype - Call others from your computer.


SlySoft - Creators of various useful utilities.

other places on the web

Cracked - Maybe you remember the magazine.

Ebolaworld - Cartoons that make me laugh.

Homestar Runner - Haven't you heard of this yet?

opacity.us - Amazing photographs of various "urban ruins".