Dylan Anglada Music


[07-14-11] - The "Listen" section is back up and running!

[03-09-11] - The vocal and dub versions of my cover of Alec Empire's "No/Why/New York" are now available to listen to and download.

[12-16-10] - "Knot In Your Stomach" is now available to listen to and download.

[12-10-10] - New "Presets" section in the "Downloads" area. First up is a collection of presets for reFX's Vanguard VST instrument.

[11-21-10] - The mobile version of the site has been slightly revamped in order to decrease loading time and to maximize screen real estate.

[10-04-10] - "Night Shade (Bootleg Mix)" and "Out Of The Blue" remaster are now available to listen to and download.

[09-28-10] - "Links" page has been revamped for better organization. I've added subcategories (e.g. "music", "utility", etc. under "software") and have changed some of the sections' names.

[08-01-10] - Music downloads are now available in M4A (AAC) format for higher quality at lower bitrates. MP3 versions are still provided.

[06-15-10] - New "Interviews" section is up! First interview is with Hanin Elias.

[05-19-10] - Something new is on its way... What could it be?

[04-11-10] - In the process of adding a bunch of new links to the "Links" section of the site. Again. Check them out.

[04-05-10] - New site design goes live. The site should have a much cleaner, more modern look to it now. Also, I've stopped using browser-specific code. It's time for people to stop using old versions of browsers and to upgrade.

[12-12-09] - Added "Centralia" to the "Downloads" section.

[12-02-09] - Added "Decadence" to the "Downloads" section.

[11-14-09] - Added more links to the "Links" section. Check them out!

[09-26-09] - In light of these hard economical times, I've added Google AdSense to my page. Yes, I have a job, but it doesn't hurt to make a little money on the side, now does it? Anyways, you can help by just clicking on any of the ads that appear at the top or bottom of the page.

[04-18-09] - Sorry for the lack of updates! Anyhow, I've made a couple of minor changes throughout the site; I'm not going to go into detail about them, though. Also, I've uploaded a new sample pack, which can be found in the "Downloads" section. It's not much, but hopefully it will tide you over for now.

[01-01-09] - "Pursuit" is now available in the "Downloads" section.

[10-19-08] - "Out Of The Blue" bootleg remix is now available in the "Downloads" section.

[09-27-08] - New site goes live.